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In Loving Memory of my Baba, Georgeanna Jateff. (1909-2005) I wish that I had told you more how much I loved you. Dedo and Teta are with you, and that is what is helping us get through this. I love you, and I will miss you very much.
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I am a trained Astrologer, Numerologist, and Tarot Reader. I created Astralis Daily Horoscopes because I wanted to share my love for the arts with those who wanted to learn, and possibly enrich their lives by knowing and understanding themselves (and their loved ones) in a different light. More importantly, your daily horoscope, Astrology, Numerology, and The Tarot are supposed to be fun! You can read your daily horoscope here 7 days a week, and the daily horoscopes are posted for the week in advance. Each daily horoscope is predicted by me personally, and not generated randomly like a lot of the daily horoscope pages you find on the web. In addition to your daily horoscope, there is tons of information on New Age Metaphysics. The site is updated daily, so please come back and visit!
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" No one can speak well, unless he thoroughly understands his subject." - Cicero
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This website is dedicated to the light in my life, my Mother, BJ. She is the one who inspires me to be creative, and the best friend I've ever had. I love you Mom!
"If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you've made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand."

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Psychic Dependency by Anna Ellington

Ever called a Psychic, I did yesterday and it was quite an eye opener.   by Mike Green

Psychic dependency is just as detrimental as any other form of addiction or co-dependence! There are countless stories of those who have spent thousands of dollars on psychics, to the point of financial ruin! All because they had a need and the psychics had the greed! When you are down, vulnerable and 'out of control' of your own life and you are so wanting to hear a particular answer, it can be so easy to become dependant on the psychic that gives it to you, even if it is the wrong answer. Even if it goes against your own intuition and logic.

Our psychics have had many people say well psychic so-and-so told me it was going to happen, why are you saying the opposite? These same people that get conflicting answers from other readers also tend to 'psychic surf'. They don't like or want to hear what is said and off they go to the next one. They will go from one to another and to another looking for answers, wanting to hear over and over a certain outcome, in fact sometimes demanding it! The bottom line is there is no guarantees! You heard it right here. I don't care what psychic you consult, how good they are, how long they have been doing it. There is no psychic reader that can claim 100% accuracy!

We all are sometimes very lost and needy. Most of us don't seek out a psychic reading unless they are uncertain and confused about their feelings and direction or that of a significant other in their lives. In this state of being though, you are also very vulnerable to becoming dependent on psychic readings to ease this discomfort or pain. Combine that with crossing paths with psychics that can pick up on this and use it to their advantage and as Emeril says "Bam". This can be an explosive and harmful combination if the psychic is not trained and experienced enough to separate themselves from their seekers. It can also be harmful to the seeker if the psychic they choose is less than ethical. You are on your way to, more often than not, the poor house!

Truth is always what you need to seek and getting anything less is not fair to your mind or spirit and very harmful in the end. You may not get the answers you want to hear from our psychics but we hope you will understand that it is only your best interests at heart. By the same token, there can be times when you will get the answers you want to hear, and we may be wrong too! I know it may seem strange to have us telling you about our shortcomings rather than our miraculous results. Accurate Psychic Advice is just so saddened by all the claims psychics make in regards to their abilities that make people believe in them too much! This is a huge reason why people can become dependent. They want to believe so desperately that all those huge hyped up claims are true!

We have had to give people disheartening news so many times, in spite of knowing they want to hear something different. Unfortunately, at times, People are told that an outcome has changed for whatever reason. Free will and choice still always come into play with every single reading. Most of the time we can see why that has happened and what changed the overall outcome and explain it, but sometimes not. This can be very disappointing to the seeker of course, but also to us as we feel as if we have 'failed' them in some way. This is where experience and training come in. How do you tell someone that has been seeking your advice for a number of days, weeks or even months that it has all changed? This is very difficult, but should the client be told? That line unfortunately is crossed by many psychics. They have predicted the same outcome for so long and been accurate with so many others that they themselves cannot believe that it has changed. For some psychics this can be devastating to their egos as well as to their 'track record' and will choose to tell the client what they want to hear, rather than the truth. This is again, where ethics and experience come in.

Unfortunately when the outcome changes, sometimes the person getting the reading is disappointed and angry and will lash out at the psychic, more often than not leaving bad feedback or telling others that the psychic was leading them on or lying etc. This makes it easy to understand why sometimes a psychic will not change the reading once they have given you a certain outcome. You as a seeker cannot blame the psychic, and the psychic should not be made to feel or believe they need to blame themselves. That is just sometimes God's plan and no matter how desperately we want and need answers, sometimes some things are just not meant to be known until we have lived through them.

The best way to avoid this heartache at all times is learn how to be in control of your own life. Learn how to get in touch with yourself and your own intuition. Learn how to take what seems like a hopeless situation and make it into something good. Every experience is a learning experience. If you are heartbroken because a man or a woman has left you, you have lost your job, your life is in a shambles or you are confused and scared, start searching within yourself for answers. If you are going to look to others for answers and help, make sure you are finding people that empower you. People that give you advice on how to deal with yourself and your life, not how to change or control others. Seek out books and people that tell you how to manifest real positive changes in your life, not how to just 'survive' through it.

Find a psychic reader that you feel comfortable with, that proves their abilities to you and stay with them. I always recommend my clients get a second or possibly even a third psychic to look at their situation, but not a million more!

In any situation in life we always need to maintain our own power, even when there are other human beings involved. Getting answers from a psychic can be wonderful and if you have chosen the right reader that is highly accurate, ethical and empowering. Please do not become dependant on psychics! In fact, do not become dependant on anybody. We all need a helping hand and advice in our lives, but we also need to learn to make our own decisions and choices and be responsible for them.

In regards to how often you get a reading. Go by the questions you are asking. If you are given a reading with particular time frames and a general outcome, It's best that you allow this time to pass and the events to play out! In other words if your psychic gets that an outcome will not manifest for approximately 3 months, wait 3 months! Feel free to consult another reader of course for confirmation if you feel it is necessary. It is suggested that you do wait at least a day or so before getting another reading, for this confirmation. If the other reader gives you approximately the same time frames for the same questions, chances are it is going to take that long! Calling for a reading once a week on the same issue does not speed it up! If you have new situations crop up that require a new reading, by all means feel free to question it. These new situations do not pertain to just feelings. We are speaking of actual physical changes or manifestations in you situation or dilemma.

About the Author:
Anna is a natural clairvoyant psychic who has been writing articles for her own website: www.pharrah13.com as well as for www.accuratepsychicadvice.com and many others for the last few years. She has had the 'gift' for as far back as she can recall. “I did not understand it of course as a child. I thought it was perfectly normal to see dead people and angels and fairies and all sorts of cool things."

Psychic Angel Numbers

When your eyes suddenly fall on the alarm clock, the odometer, a license plate, an article, etc. and you notice a set of numbers in perfect sequence, you're receiving a message from your “Angels?. Here's what they mean;

000 :      A new beginning is needed/has started

111 :      Pay close attention to your thoughts … they are quickly manifesting

222 :      New growth/opportunity is coming … be ready

333 : Ascended masters are trying to get your attention … assure them that you're listening

444 :     Angels are near you and communicating

555 :      A BIG opportunity is on its way

666 :      Your thoughts are earthbound/materialistic … get in alignment with your heart/ spirit 's desires

777 :     Confirmation that your prayers are being answered … hang in three/it's about to happen/you're on a roll

888 :      Your projects are nearing fruition/completion … stay focused

999 : Completion has manifested … start the celebration

* Contributed by Medium Joanmarie Whelan
thanks to angelsinwaiting.com


I have been intrigued by psychics and what really goes on when you call one of these lines. So yesterday I called one up and was surprised if not a little shocked by what happened.
First let me say that I have an opened mind but im no sucker, in fact ive been on the net for 10 years and I know almost every scam that has been tried and only a very small amount have ever got me sucked in and having a psychic reading on the internet to me was just about as risky as it gets.
But the opportunity came up for me to write an article for the newspaper I worked for and I thought great lets see what this is all about, so here I go.

I logged on and typed in a site that many people I know use, its called www.psychicguild.com and is a large organization that basically sets the standards for internet psychic sites.
I thought I may as well start at what many people say is the best site when it comes to psychics.
I was quite surprised when the site first loaded because I was expecting to just see a few psychics and their contact numbers. Instead it was more like a spiritual life site with heaps of content on all areas of spirituality. I mean they had psychics of course but there is all sorts of information on wellbeing, health, motivation and its all free. They do charge for some astrology reports and of course psychic readings but everything else is free.

So I proceeded to the psychic area and was able to read all about each psychic, how they became psychic and what they specialize in. I didn't realize there are so many other readings you can get besides psychic readings. Others like Tarot readings, crystal and clairvoyant readings to name a few.
I also checked out their policy information which was quite in depth. They offer a money back guarantee if you are not happy with your psychic reading, which I must say surprised me, so I rang their customer support line and they reassured me that if I was not happy with the call I could get a refund. They also had a 5 minute free offer that I could use so I rang that line and spoke to Jenny.
Well what a call, I asked her about my love life, job opportunities and of course when will I be rich and just to be sure I asked her what type of a person I was. Just for the record im single, I am not rich and im an average sort of guy and I am happy.

So away she went. She first started with my situation saying that although I thought I was happy,(by the way I didn't tell her anything besides my name) i was making the most of an average life and let many opportunities for increased happiness pass me by. She went on to say that there are two people who think im worth going out on a date with but I give all the wrong signs. She continued to say that I had a great job but could do better and that there were many other opportunities in my life that I didn't take notice of.
Well that was all fine but in my mind much to general, it could have applied to anyone and I told her, which she laughed about, a psychic with humor, now this was getting interesting. So she gave me more detail about these two prospective women in my life and not only described them but named them and went on to even tell me why they liked me. I don't want to sound stupid because im not but on hearing that I nearly dropped the phone. She was spot on. I thought who the hell is this lady, I only rang for a joke and to write my newspaper column and now here I was having my life laid out on a table and being told of a life that I was letting pass me by.

Well ill save you my personal details but all in all I was quite amazed by the call. Since then I summoned up the courage to ask Sally in my office out and we have had a ball. ive since called Jenny back and came clean on why I called but that hasn't removed my surprise that psychics are not making it up, not on this site anyway. They have a code of ethics and many of them are trained counselors.

So there you have it, I call up for a funny story and the jokes on me. Then again the call has now changed many things in my life for the better, so I suppose I have had the last laugh in the end.

You can call and get your own psychic reading by logging onto www.PsychicGuild.com.

PS. Make sure you try the free am I psychic test its very interesting.

About the Author:
Mike is a journalist for several US newspapers and has been searching the internet to write about the growth in psychic sites.

The Fountain of Light Exercise by Sam Stevens

An etheric body, also known as the aura, surrounds every human being. This energy field is thought to be made up of you're the emanations of your life force, what the Middle Eastern religions call Prana, the Chinese call Chi and the popular religions call the Soul. An entire New Age cottage industry has sprung up around the idea of taking electromagnetic pictures of these phenomena using Kirilian or electromagnetic photography. Psychics and Channelers take cues from the colors revealed in these photographs to diagnose and interpret physical, spiritual and emotional conditions.
The most prominent element of Etheric Body, or soul-structure as it is also known, is said to consist of the aura itself, which is said to typical extend about three feet around the physical body in all directions. This resembles a bubble of light that is typically sealed by a slightly thicker membrane that preserves the autonomy of the entity. Imagine a soap bubble filled with light and you get the idea. Some people have larger, more expansive auras, and often you can recognize these people by the way they seem to mysteriously fill their room with their presence. Others have very tall auras that seem to extend as far as six feet above their head. This elongation of the aura, towards the skies and the realms of the ascended masters, saints and the angels is a goal of many devoted Buddhists, Christians and spiritual seekers.
All of the chakras play important roles in maintaining the health of the aura, but the chakra directly involved in communication with angels is the Crown Chakra. Above the Crown Chakra, hovering about six feet above your head is thought to be the source of what is usually called the Higher Self, the Divine Imagination, the Holy Guardian Angel, or the center of Christ Consciousness. This is usually seen as a small Sun or ball of shining light that emanates rays down through the Crown Chakra. In order for this to happen the crown chakra has to be open to receive what the Buddhists call enlightenment.
One way to understand the Chakra system is to imagine that there is a string of multicolored Christmas lights connected from your base chakra up through your body to the crown of your head. Connected to that is an extension card that further plugs into this power source about six feet above you. The idea is to send light up those bulbs by plugging into your energy source. That ball of light six feet above your head is what talks to other souls on your behalf, and also to the angels. It sends messages to your chakras that in turn deal with issues of survival, sexuality, communication, your ability to give or receive love, self-expression, second sight and the ability to receive divine guidance. If you manage to plug into this higher source and light up all your chakras, you are said to have awakened your Kundalini.
The ball of light known as the Higher Self, the Divine Imagination or the center of Christ consciousness relates very strongly to the Heart Chakra, which is seen as a pinpoint of light and the 3rd Chakra. The 3rd chakra is used as a kind of bellows to energize the heart chakra each time you take a breath inside your body. Energizing the 3rd and 4th chakras, by controlling the breath is though to open the Crown Chakra so that it can receive the light and wisdom of the messages sent from the higher self to the physical body. This pathway forms a kind of circuitry that energizes and strengthens your connection to your higher self and the angels.
To open your Crown Chakra I suggest you try the following simple basic exercise:
• Breathe in and as you do, imagine the white sunny ball of fierce bright light that I am going to call the Higher Self Sun hovering about six feet about your head.
• Now imagine that there is another sunny ball of yellow light glowing in your upper tummy (your solar plexus.).
• As you breathe out imagine the Higher Self light shooting a Star Trek-like sharp focused beam of light, straight down through the crown (the very top of your head to energize this ball of light that is in your solar plexus.
• For the next ten breaths, imagine energy shooting up from your solar plexus area to the Sun above your head as you inhale, and the energy shooting back down with each exhale. Imagine your entire stomach area filled with a brilliant, honey-colored, warm golden light.
• Now imagine your heart's center as a small pink pinpoint of light. Each time you breathe in, your solar plexus reaches for that energy from the Higher Self in the sky.
• Now when you breathe out, the super-charged solar plexus chakra sends energy back up towards your heart center. The pinpoint of light in your heart is like a small shining star that gets brighter and larger with each breath. You are feeding the heart's center, using the solar plexus chakra as a conduit for the energy from the higher self.
• With each breath that you breathe out, this pinpoint of light in your heart chakra grows brighter and brighter and larger and larger…. until it starts to resemble a little fountain.
• This fountain shoots white light upwards, higher and higher, until releases a spray of light that falls from the crown (the top of your head) to your feet. Every time you breathe out, your body is showered in a spray of rainbow colored lights. Imagining a fountain of diamonds is always good.
• By now, each time as you breathe, the following sequence should be taking place: you inhale and send solar plexus energy up through the crown of your head to the Higher Self Sun six feet above your head. You exhale and the Higher Self sends energy downwards to the solar plexus which sends energy to the heart's center which explodes in a fountain of light that circulates to the top of head, showers to your feet and back up again.
• With each breath, you are now rinsing yourself with holy light from the Higher Self. This is an efficient way of opening your chakras and increasing your receptivity to messages from your higher self and the angels.
(Editor's Note: The Sevenfold Journey by Selene Vega and Anodea Judith is a great resource for working with your Chakras and the energies they represent.)

About the Author:

Samantha Stevens was a professional psychic at http://www.psychicrealm.com for many years. Read more of her articles at http://www.newagenotebook.com If you wish to buy Samantha's books about metaphysics click here http://www.insomniacpress.com/author.php?id=110

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